Our importers secure currency purchases from us at fixed, low prices. These purchases can be tenured for short periods of a few weeks, or longer periods of several months. The importer then secures the supply of goods from their country of origin, such as China or India, at predetermined prices. As a result, the importer is not exposed to exchange rate fluctuations, which can reach more than 10% over periods of several months.

Companies we work with often set up pending orders in the market, which are executed once the chosen exchange rates occur. In this way, the client can automate the process of waiting for favourable rates and is able to capture favourable purchase prices of the U.S. dollar during sudden drops in its value.

How it works?


Choose a Rate

Select and secure a fixed exchange rate for a period of time you choose.


Transfer of Currency

Transfer funds to Stały Kurs; we will exchange them at the agreed fixed rate.


Currency Conversion

We send the currency to your company account, exchanged at the fixed rate.